Rhenish Face Masks
Rhenish Face Masks
Rhenish Face Masks
Rhenish Face Masks

Handcrafted design from Stellenbosch, South Africa ūüáŅūüá¶

Rhenish Face Masks

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Our products are handmade to order.

Please allow about 5 working days before despatch.

Please check the dimensions before placing your order.

3 layer masks with filter pocket and a non-woven filter included

Masks purchased for donations will be delivered to Rhenish Girls' High School on your behalf. [To avoid completing the shipping address, select the "Collect" option.]

Proudly made in South Africa ūüáŅūüá¶

  • Three layers
  • Outer layer: breathable 100% cotton Shweshwe
  • Inner layers: soft and breathable 100% cotton voile¬†
  • Filter pocket¬†
  • Non-woven breathable, washable filter included (120mm x 100mm)
  • Removable¬†wire insert on the bridge of the nose¬†
  • Adjustable and removable elastic ties¬†

WASH & IRON BEFORE USE (do not hot-iron the non-woven filter, do not iron the elastic ties, do not iron the wire insert)

Our breathable masks are designed to fit very snugly on the face. The wire insert helps limit air escape at the top of the mask and is especially convenient for people who wear glasses.

The outer layer of the mask is a 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric. The inner layers are soft, white, 100% cotton fabric. The rationale for using a white fabric is that a mask should be washed after every single use. By having a white fabric showing dirt, you will be reminded to wash your mask! Government requires that masks cover the face from ABOVE the nose to BELOW the chin and almost up to the ears. Please make sure your mask fits correctly. The elastic ties have been designed to fit over your head (tie the ties at the correct length, and then they do not need to be untied and retied with each wear), or the elastic ties can be cut in half and knotted to loop over the ears. Our masks also have a wire insert in the seam that sits on the bridge of the nose, so that the mask can tightly hug your nose for more protection. Bend this wire until it is in the most comfortable position. This wire is removable and can be replaced. 

Please note that our fabric face masks are not medical masks and are not safe for usage in the Health sector. A mask must be used in conjunction with good hygiene practices. Please follow the recommendations from the Western Cape Department of Health HERE.

    Maintaining the mask: 

    You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use. 

    • Wash the mask daily in soap and hot water¬†(hand washing only will increase the lifespan of the mask)
    • Rinse thoroughly and dry¬†
    • IRON THE MASK - this is the best means of disinfection! (Do not hot-iron the non-woven filter, do not iron the ties, do not iron the wire insert)
    • If you do not have an iron, place the mask with the outside facing down on a metal sheet and place it in the sun; leave it there for a couple of hours - the heat should disinfect it


    • No refunds or returns on masks.¬†
    • Please note that our masks are not medical or surgical grade and they will not prevent you from contracting viruses such as coronavirus.



    Please note that all our products are handcrafted and variances may occur. No two products will be exactly the same.

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