Keep our earth clean - Re-Rope™ Collection

We value sustainability and the impact we have on the earth. Therefore, in celebration of Earth Day, we created a beautiful collection made exclusively from Re-Rope™. 
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Re-Rope™ is a locally sourced rope that has been carefully crafted from recycled plastic. This radiant white, minimalist collection features some of your favourite designs and consists of pieces that are functional, visually striking, and environmentally friendly – the perfect addition to any space.
What is Re-Rope™
Re-Rope™ is made from recycled plastic waste items, such as plastic bottles. The plastic is first cleaned, then shredded and made into chips. The chips are melted together to form the base materials used for polyester extrusion. After each round of extrusion, the materials are stretched and softened. The process is completed by crimping the fibre, so that it can be spun into a yarn. The yarn is braided together to form the final product, a striking white  eco-friendly rope.
It took a lot of effort and many hands to bring this exciting new collection to life.
The experience was made all the more rewarding by showing the finished pieces to the dedicated workers at the recycling facility . It was such a joy to see their reactions to how their efforts have contributed to the transformation of waste items into unique, high-quality pieces. 
The Recycled collection aims to deliver beauty and elegance while not harming and keeping our earth clean.