Product Care Instructions

Please note that when we pack our products, we often fold them. Due to the products being made from rope, it is easy to bend the products back to their original shape.

When using our products to hold pot plants, please be sure to use a waterproof pot without holes at the bottom, or alternatively please place a tray underneath the pot plant.  


To clean dirt and scuff marks off the cotton, rub with the adhesive side of broad scotch tape; or gently spot clean with a wet cloth and mild hand wash soap. Dyed rope may run when wet. It is best for the cotton rope not to get wet. It is, however, possible to hand wash the cotton products gently (without dyed rope), but please ensure the product dries evenly. 

Products of the Mia Mélange cotton collections are made from 100% cotton rope which we carefully sew together in a coiling technique. The cotton is grown locally in South Africa by farmers who are members of the Better Cotton Initiate (BCI).


To clean products made from multifilament polypropylene or polyester, spot clean with water and mild soap or hand wash separately. 

These products are made from South African sourced multifilament polypropylene. The rope is carefully sewn together in a coiling technique


Clean with a soft, dry cloth and linseed oil. Keep away from water to avoid marks and stains. 


For products that contain felt, spot clean with water and soap, or hand wash separately. Please take care not to wash dyed rope. The felt is made in South Africa from recycled plastic bottles. Please note that the felt cannot withstand heat above 100°C.  

Please note that all our products are handcrafted and variances may occur. No two products will be exactly the same. Dimensions may vary.