Lockdown Earrings

As it was announced that South Africa would be going into lockdown (it was initially only supposed to be for three weeks), our team decided that we wanted to remain productive while at home. We had been working on some rope jewellery designs in the past, so we thought this is something we can do from the safety of our homes. We moved quickly to further develop our earrings and we packed boxes with rope, thread, product spec sheets and the necessary tools for everyone who wanted to work while at home. Making earrings kept us busy, kept our creative juices flowing, and it was a welcome distraction during the most difficult and stressful times of this year. It was very inspiring to receive photos of everyone's beautiful creations at the end of each day - and every day everyone had a different, creative way of displaying their work for their photos!

The situation due to Covid-19 worsened and an urgent need for masks arose. We pivoted and started making masks. Everyone on our team (and their neighbours!) who has a sewing machine at home started producing masks, and we arranged sewing machines for those who didn't have one. The mask production was going full steam ahead, but the earrings were still being made on the side. Lockdown was extended, and so we continued producing masks and earrings. Due to the pandemic, it has been very quiet in our shops. Our talented shop assistants are using the time to be productive and make earrings!