VISI COLLAB || Mia Mélange + Mieke Droomer Architects

Visi Fabric Face Mask

Mia Mélange teamed up with Mieke Droomer Architects to create a limited-edition range of hand-drawn 100% cotton face masks, exclusively for VISI! And it's for a good cause!

All proceeds from the Visi collab masks will be donated to FoodFlow.

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Visi Collab Fabric Face Masks

Proudly made in South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Three layers
  • Outer layer: breathable 100% cotton 
  • Inner layers: soft and breathable 100% cotton voile 
  • Filter pocket 
  • Non-woven breathable, washable filter included (120mm x 100mm)
  • Wire insert on the bridge of the nose 
  • Adjustable elastic ties with toggles
  • Matching hand-drawn bag included

The masks retail for R175 each.

WASH & IRON BEFORE USE (do not hot-iron the non-woven filter, do not iron the ties)

Our breathable masks are designed to fit very snugly on the face. The wire insert helps limit air escape at the top of the mask and is especially convenient for people who wear glasses. Bend this wire until it is in the most comfortable position.

Visi face masks

Visi Collab Fabric Face Masks & Bags

These fabric face masks come in a custom bag and are available in four different designs, ideal for mixing and matching.

The four designs are:

Blackjack: Silhouettes of seeds, reminiscent of walks in the veld.

Ellipsis: … playing with the dots, waiting patiently for the future.

Locked: Inspired by the pad “lock” of lockdown, pulling towards freedom.

Triad: The strength of the triangle: carrying the past, present and future.

The masks and bags are all individually hand-drawn by Mieke Droomer and sewn by Scholar Chadengura from Mia Mélange. 

Visi fabric face masks

Visi Fabric Face Mask

Visi Fabric Face Masks South Africa

Visi Fabric Face Masks South Africa

About Mieke Droomer

After earning her Master of Architecture from the University of Cape Town in 2010, Mieke – born in South Africa and raised in Uruguay – relocated to Windhoek in 2011 to pursue her career in Architecture. Eight years later, with a wealth of experience from working with award winning Namibian architects, Mieke is establishing herself in Worcester, South Africa, as an architect. She is also an artist and had her first solo exhibition in Windhoek in 2013. Mieke is registered as a Professional Architect in both South Africa and Namibia.

Mieke Droomer

Each mask will differ from one another, as they are individually hand-drawn. The masks measure approximately 26cm (width across the face from ear to ear) x 16cm (height from the top on the nose to the bottom under the chin). As the masks are handmade, dimensions are approximate and variances will occur. Drawing may fade over time.

Please note that our fabric face masks are not medical masks and are not safe for usage in the Health sector. A mask must be used in conjunction with good hygiene practices. Please follow the recommendations from the Western Cape Department of Health HERE.

    Maintaining the mask: 

    You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use. 

    • WASH & IRON BEFORE USE (do not hot-iron the non-woven filter, do not iron the ties)
    • Hand wash the mask daily in soap & hot water
    • Do not soak the mask in chemicals as these get absorbed and may be inhaled causing damage to the respiratory tract


    • No refunds or returns on masks. 
    • Please note that our masks are not medical or surgical grade and they will not prevent you from contracting viruses such as coronavirus.