Meet The Mia Mélange Maker - Bernay

Mia Melange Bernay

Meet the Maker! This is Bernay. She was the first person to join the Mia Mélange team, shortly after Mia started the business in 2014. We call her 'old furniture' and we rely on her heavily for her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She knows every detail of every product, even the past custom once-offs. Bernay is meticulous and takes great pride in her work. Every product she makes is perfect. She is incredibly creative and talented and is always coming up with new and interesting ideas. She also does a lot of creative projects outside of work, such as sewing and hand painting 200 cushions for her church. Bernay spends her entire tea and lunch breaks on Pinterest. She never wants to go on leave. Bernay is a real local having lived in Stellenbosch since birth. She has an adorable 11 year old girl who is a little mini-Bernay. We are very grateful to have Bernay on our team and we love her to bits!