Meet The Mia Mélange Maker - Babsy

Meet the Maker! This is Babsy, or as she calls herself ‘Babsylicious’. Babsy joined the Mia Mélange team shortly after Bernay and therefore also classifies as ‘old furniture’. Before she was working as a packer at a local supermarket and a cashier at a petrol station. Babsy is very serious about the quality and neatness of her products and she always adds her signature diagonal stitch to all of  her products. Our studio’s daily entertainment is always provided by Babsy. If she is not teaching us Xhosa, she is showing off some of her wicked dance moves. Babsy has a teenage daughter, who always visits us, and she recently gave birth to another beautiful girl. We love and adore Babsy and we are so glad that she, and her girls, are part of our team!