Meet The Mia Mélange Maker - Sandra

Meet the Maker! This is Sandra. She is the newest ‘old hand’ of the Mia Mélange team. She has a very big personality and is very protective over the people closest to her heart (that includes the whole team). Just like all the other team members, Sandra takes a lot of pride in all of her work and is happy to help a team member out when needed. Sandra is from Kylemore, just outside of Stellenbosch. She has a daughter and a son, both of whom she loves endlessly. Her daughter is top of her class at the college she attends in Stellenbosch and she swings by quite often. Sandra is a very proud mother. She enjoys cooking for all of her friends and family and loves spending time at the beach over weekends. We love Sandra for bringing a fierce force to the Mia Mélange team!