Meet The Mia Mélange Maker - Verona

Meet the Maker! This is Verona, daughter of Bonita. Bonita used to be a part of our team but sadly passed away in September 2018, leaving behind Verona, her two younger brothers and a grandson. In the beginning of 2019 Verona came to ask if her mother's position was still available. She was working at a liquor store earning below minimum wage and was struggling to provide for her baby boy. Verona learned very quickly and soon became one of our best hand crafters. She is always willing to learn and try new things and always puts herself second in all situations. Verona is very loyal towards Mia Mélange and we wish to have her on our team for the rest of her life. Her two younger brothers have moved in with her and she takes care of them in the most responsible way. She is a WONDER WOMAN and we love her to bits!