Copy of Support Local


To support small local businesses in the restaurant industry, we are giving away coupons (when you spend R250 or more at Mia Mélange) to redeem at some of our favourite local coffee shops and restaurants!

Spend R250, get a R50 coupon!
Spend R500, get R100 worth of coupons!
Spend R1000, get R250 worth of coupons!
Spend R2000, get R500 worth of coupons!

Redeem your coupons at any of the following coffee shops or restaurants:

The Blue Crane and the Butterfly
Bril Barista
Caffé Casanova 
Canyon Café
Coffee at Justice
Eten Health Bar
Hygge Hygge
La Pineta
Rome in a Bite

At Mia Mélange, we are committed to supporting small local businesses. The restaurant industry has been particularly hard hit, especially during this lockdown. Please support them if you have the means! They are all offering take-away!

Mia Mélange will be paying the coffee shops and restaurants in full.

Gino's Pizza

T's & C's:
* Coupons valid until the end of August 2021.
* Only valid in our Stellenbosch store.
* Coupons are R50 each. If you are receiving, for example, R500 worth of coupons, you will receive 10 coupons.
* No change can be given when coupons are redeemed, as the intention is that the coffee shop or restaurant gets the full amount. Any change can be used as a tip.
* Coupons can not be exchanged for cash.