Fina's Tassels!

Mia Melange Fina's Tassels
We will be launching the tassels, handmade by Fina, online soon!
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Mia Melange Tassels


This is Fina. Fina used to be a full time domestic worker, working in a few homes in and around Stellenbosch. She used to work at Mia Mélange one day a week, cleaning our studio and shop. When she lost her job for another day in the week, we offered for her to work at Mia Mélange that day too. We quickly realised that Fina is very talented and loves working with her hands. She's a great fit for our team, and always makes us laugh! More and more, she began helping us out with handwork tasks like preparing tags, making finishings for products, and she mastered the craft of crocheting. She also learnt how to make tassels and developed a real love for this craft. She told us that she wanted to make all our tassels from then onwards, and she promoted herself to chief tassel-maker! Simultaneously she created another position on our team for a cleaner! Today, Fina handmakes all our tassels and makes all our crochet products. During lock down, Fina helped tremendously with the mask making. She prepared elastics and her husband prepared the nose wires. We are very grateful to have Fina on our team. She works hard and is extremely dependable. We love you, Fina! 💕