Mia Mélange Products

Mia Mélange is a proudly South African manufacturing business. We handcraft products from one hundred percent (100%) cotton rope. Our products have a wide range of uses. You can use a cotton rope basket to store kids toys, or even dog toys. You can use a cotton rope laundry basket in your bedroom or bathroom for your laundry. You can use a cotton rope basket for your towels, blankets or scatter cushions. We also make cotton rope planters. You can also use a cotton rope planter as a storage holder for items such as stationery. Our range also includes bags. Our uniquely designed cotton rope bag is the perfect accessory for your proudly South African look! 

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- cotton rope laundry basket

- cotton rope storage basket

- cotton rope planter 

- cotton rope bag

- cotton rope ottoman

- cotton rope placemat